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The firm's mission is to: listen closely to your concerns, determine your needs, inform you of your legal options, and provide you highly personalized representation.

Experienced, Trusted. Responsive

Paul A. DePorre, P.C. is located in the historic Bagley Inn office building on Long Lake Road in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Since its establishment in 1995, the firm's principal, Paul DePorre, has valued responsiveness and personal relationships. He realizes that attorney-client communication is essential to a successful relationship, and he is committed to providing straightforward, personalized advice in a small-firm, comfortable environment.

Paul DePorre specializes in the areas of law that focus on your family and business, such as business law, real estate and estate planning. He has found that his clients' legal needs often require his expertise in at least two of these areas, as legal issues regarding family and business are commonly intertwined. Whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner in need of legal representation for a business transaction or litigation, an individual buying or selling commercial or residential real estate, or an individual interested in an estate plan to preserve your hard-earned family assets, Paul will listen to your needs and work with you to find legal solutions to meet your personal and professional goals. And Paul welcomes all of your legal questions. If he is unable to answer them, he will certainly introduce you to a quality attorney who can.

A large portion of Paul's business comes by word of mouth - from families and business professionals with whom Paul has established relationships over the years. Referrals are the ultimate compliment to his practice, and show of confidence in his work.
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attorney profile

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Paul DePorre – Paul and his wife, Janie, live in Troy with their four children - Peter, Patrick, Maggie, and Katy. Outside of his law practice,  Janie and the children are his primary focus.  He is involved in school and church activities such as coaching, scouting, and school PTG.  

Paul is a metro Detroit native. He attended Brother Rice High School, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University Law School. As a law student, he served an internship with Judge Horace Gilmore of the Federal District Court, in Detroit. When he became an attorney in 1991, he gained experience in many areas of law while practicing with several senior attorneys at a firm in Troy. From that experience, he discovered his passion for the areas of family and business law.

Paul's clients are good people with real issues. He enjoys helping them solve problems and achieve goals.

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areas of practice

  • In addition to his law practice, Paul owns and manages several commercial and residential properties. Real estate is a personal passion for Paul, as he is also a licensed real estate broker. From commercial to residential, and from simple transactions to complex litigation, Paul is qualified to provide you with exemplary legal assistance. His personal and practical experience allows him to look at your real estate needs with a keen, experienced eye. Real estate issues that he commonly faces in his practice include: property sales; construction contracts; construction litigation; landlord/tenant disputes; boundary disputes; condominium liens and, mortgage/land contract forfeitures and foreclosures.

  • Paul feels strongly that families need to "get their financial house in order," and he approaches each family's estate needs as if they were his own. It is rewarding for him to help families who have spent their entire lives accumulating wealth plan for its future. One major challenge lies in conveying this wealth to our loved ones seamlessly, without triggering estate tax or requiring costly probate. Unfortunately, the law prevents us from transferring wealth without probate, unless we have a written estate plan. And without a plan, the government will decide for you who will receive your estate, which, in some cases, may be the government itself.

    For many clients, a complete estate plan includes a will, a trust, a durable power of attorney and a medical power of attorney. For some, it may require more complex planning to minimize oppressive estate taxes. Regardless of your estate's size or complexity, Paul will work with you to review your assets, discuss your needs, and to tailor a plan that leaves you feeling secure and comfortable.

  • Paul finds it especially rewarding to help clients build and maintain their professional dreams. Paul has been helping entrepreneurs start and run their own businesses for over 14 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the process. Whether you are a one-person operation or a 50-employee business, Paul can assist you at each stage of your business plan. He can form a new business entity for you, and help your business succeed by handling collections, drafting and negotiating contracts, and representing your business in contract disputes. Paul is always available, throughout the process, to listen to your needs and offer expert advice.

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case studies

  • Real Estate - Click for an example of the Real Estate services that Paul A. DePorre, P.C. provides

    Clients often retain Paul A. DePorre, P.C. to help them purchase or sell real property. Paul DePorre's philosophy is to educate you about the transaction, while representing your best interests and facilitating the ultimate closing.  Whether or not the transaction is facilitated through a real estate broker, you should seek legal counsel to review the purchase agreement, the title commitment, and the closing documents.  Depending on the circumstances, you may also feel more comfortable having an attorney with you at the closing. 

    Paul will meet with you to discuss your concerns, determine your needs, and tell you how you can close your purchase or sale without needless complications. He will explain the steps and costs involved in the process of buying and selling real estate. From disclosure statements, to purchase agreements, to title commitments, Paul will prepare or review these documents for you, and guide you through the transaction from start to finish. This will allow you to proceed through a real estate transaction with the confidence that your interests are being protected. 

  • Estate Planning - Click for an example of the Estate Planning services that Paul A. DePorre, P.C. provides

    An estate plan allows you to dictate how and by whom you will be cared for when you become disabled, and it allows you to allocate your wealth after you pass away. If you do not have a plan, you are leaving these decisions to others who may or may not be looking out for your best interest. A plan is inexpensive to prepare in relation to the potential cost of not having one.

    If you are interested in preparing an estate plan, Paul DePorre will meet with you to listen to your concerns about your current situation, and to help you establish goals and objectives for your estate during your life and after you pass away. Paul will educate you about your options, and put your wishes in a written plan. Estate plans are very flexible documents that we can tailor to accommodate almost any objective.

    For example, Paul commonly works with couples where one or both spouses have children from a previous marriage. If a spouse wants to preserve assets for his or her children after he or she dies, we can prepare a trust whereby the surviving spouse can receive income from the deceased spouse's estate during the surviving spouse's lifetime, while preserving the principle for the deceased spouse's children after the surviving spouse passes away.

    Estate planning is unique because everyone can benefit from some sort of plan. Whether it involves a simple will, a revocable trust, or more complicated tax sheltering instruments, estate plans should always reflect the client’s wishes regarding distribution of assets, while also providing the appropriate vehicles to avoid the probate court’s involvement, and to minimize estate taxes. Paul DePorre will help you accomplish these goals. 

  • Business Law - Click for an example of the Business Law services that Paul A. DePorre, P.C. provides

    Paul DePorre's business law practice includes a broad range of services - from forming business entities (such as corporations and limited liability companies) to collecting delinquent accounts to litigating shareholder disputes. If you have issues relating to forming or running your business, then Paul will provide you highly personalized counsel and representation.

    Clients often ask why they need to form a business entity rather than operating as a sole proprietorship. There are several reasons for this, but a principle reason is to shield yourself, personally, from liability that may arise from running the business.

    For example, if you personally own a commercial property and someone injures himself on the property, a court may hold you personally liable, as the property owner, for that person’s injuries. If you held the property in a corporation or a limited liability company, only the company’s assets are exposed, thus protecting your personal assets from judgments against the company. Paul DePorre advises many clients who own multiple investment properties. He will often establish a separate company for each property. This allows the client to limit her liability to the assets owned by that particular company, and to protect the assets of the other companies, in addition to protecting personal assets.

    If you have questions about forming a new business or about your existing business, call Paul or send him an e-mail. He would be happy to meet with you to listen to your issues, and create a course of action.

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Paul has provided outstanding customer service for both my company and my family. He incorporated my construction business, prepared construction contracts, handled the sale and purchase of my homes, prepared my estate plan, and helped me through the process of purchasing commercial properties. Paul has always been there, readily available to listen to my needs and to provide timely advice. He has tremendous knowledge and experience in so many areas.

» Michael Petrucci, President of Petrucci Homes, Bloomfield Hills

Paul was recommended to me over 10 years ago, and we have worked together on several projects since then. From land development to purchasing a business, Paul has been an invaluable member of our team. His advice is always on the money and his timely response to our requests is always appreciated. I highly recommend him to all of my associates who need legal help.

» Larry Stone, President of Stone Development LLC and Pompano Beach Properties, LLC, Clarkston

Paul and I have worked together for about 6 years now. He helped me through the entire process when I bought my first apartment building – from finding it, to writing up the purchase agreement, to closing the deal. I am always looking for opportunities to acquire new properties, and I look forward to working with him again when I buy my next property. Paul is my lawyer, and I also consider him my friend.

» Willie B. Runner, President of EZ Graphics and Runner Real Estate Investments, LLC, Eastpointe

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